Episode Choose Your Story How To Publish Story On The App

Episode Choose Your Story- How To Publish Story On The App

The Episode app is a place where gamers can create, manage and even publish your own stories. It offers a variety of things such as outfits, characters, directional tools and along with countless background in order to fabricate the story in no time. However, many gamers face obstacles while they go publish the story. There are few rules and regulations that users have to follow in order to access the publish story option. Firstly, the player must be 13-year-old or older because game contains some content that can pollute their mind. The game theme is based on attraction towards cloths, underage drinking, love-affection, romance as well as little bit sexual content. Most importantly, if user is 13 to 17 year old, then they have must have parent permission in order to submit the story to the app for publication. The story will not be accepted by the creators if gamers do not have the permission.

How To Publish

As stated previously, first users need permission in order to submit the story to the app. Along with this, players can publish the story to the app by clicking the publish button after the completion of their story. However, there is some requirement of the submission that gamers have to fulfill before publishing the story
• The story of the gamer must be at least 3 episodes long, if not then create more episodes in order to meet the minimum criteria.
• The dialogue in each episode must be minimum 400 lines.
• The dialogues of the story must be error free and simple that creator can understand the users view easily.
• Gamers have to choose the episodes number while submission, to stop the accidental incomplete chapters publication.
• After publishing the story, if gamer want to update the story with more episodes then go to the main story in order to add more episodes.
How To Read Your Own Stories After Publication
Moreover, after the submission of story it is very exciting to read your own story in the app. Gamers stories will appear on the Trending section in the game for all the users and also to encourage the players, creators read and rate the stories. Rating system is also beneficial for them in order to attain innovative idea for their own stories and users can utilize the search option to find the specific story for improvement.

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